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dhl warehouse
Distribution Center, Breinigsville, PA

Eckland performed a Property Condition Report and Reserve Analysis for the buyer/client of a distribution center with mezzanine and second floor areas, containing a total of approximately 490,000 gross square feet (sf), situated on an approximately 73-acre parcel in Breinigsville, west of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Located in a major industrial park adjacent to Interstate 78 / US Route 22, the L-shaped building was formerly the East Coast distribution center for DHL. The facility was constructed to DHL’s requirements in 2006.

Parking for 500 autos, 254 truck trailers and 60 delivery vans is provided on the property. Automobile parking is principally located at an employee parking lot at the east end of the property, with additional limited parking available at the east end of the building. There are 175 raised truck docks along the perimeter of the building and one drive-in door at the northeast corner of the building. Individual offices are located throughout the building, with the primary office area located on the second floor at the east end of the building.

The structure consists of a framework of steel columns, beams and open-web steel joists and joist girders. Exterior walls are typically painted insulated pre-cast tilt-up panels. The primary floor slab is a cast-in-place slab on grade, and elevated slabs are typically concrete on metal decks. The roofs are typically ballasted EPDM over sloped insulation and metal decks.

— Eddis M. Goodale