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Architectural Engineering and Environmental Consultants

Environmental Services

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Eckland performs an environmental site assessment based on a walk-through observation of the property and review of information regarding the site. Eckland evaluates the environmental condition of the site. The report is divided into major sections that include a description of the site, a review of the site history, information noted during site observations, a review of database records and discussion of ASTM non-scope items.

Additionally, Eckland can perform limited sampling for asbestos, lead-based paint and radon in order to evaluate whether they may be present at the site.

Phase II Exploration and Remediation Cost Analysis

Eckland oversees exploration activities that are focused on evaluating the extent and severity of environmental concerns at the site that were identified during the Phase I. Eckland can prepare a remediation cost analysis that quantifies potential environmental remediation costs at the site.

Phase III Remediation Services

Eckland oversees remedial activities that are designed to mitigate environmental conditions at the site that were identified during the Phase II. Eckland evaluates remedial alternatives and system designs. Eckland monitors and documents the remediation actions and advises the Client of the State’s NFA (no further action required) status.

“Desk” Reviews of Reports by Others

Eckland reviews environmental reports prepared by others. Eckland focuses on environmental concerns and evaluates the report’s conformance with ASTM standards.