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Construction Services

Document and Cost Review Reports

Eckland’s Document and Cost Review report consists of a review of the construction documents and the hard cost construction budget for the project.

Eckland’s document review focuses on whether the documents are considered to be adequate for construction purposes. Eckland also comments on completeness and coordination concerns and on matters that need clarification or correction. Documents reviewed include the drawings, specifications, land title survey, geotechnical report, owner/architect agreement, owner/contractor agreement, construction schedule and more.

Eckland cost review compares the unit costs for major work categories shown on the Contractor’s schedule of values with unit costs of similar projects previously reviewed by Eckland and with published construction cost information. Eckland provides an opinion regarding the appropriateness of the hard cost construction budget to complete the scope of work indicated on the provided documents. Eckland makes recommendations for contingencies (if needed).

Construction Monitoring

Eckland’s Field Report is based on a periodic walk-through observation of the project and includes an evaluation of the payment application for work performed during the period and a recommendation regarding payment of the requested amount.

Our Field Report includes the following:

Owner’s Representative Services

Eckland serves as the representative of the Owner before, during and after the construction of a project. This service is an additional-depth version of our construction monitoring service. Eckland’s role is tailored to meet the needs of the client.