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Property Condition Reports

Eckland’s Property Condition Report is based on a walk-through observation of the property and includes an evaluation of the physical condition of the improvements.

The report may incorporate acquisition, disposition or financing criteria, as requested by the client.

Our Property Condition Report includes the following:

“Desk” Reviews of Reports by Others

Eckland reviews property condition reports prepared by others. Eckland focuses on physical condition matters and evaluates the report’s conformance with ASTM standards.

Seismic Evaluation Reports

Eckland’s seismic report projects the probable maximum loss (pml) that a property might sustain during an earthquake. The evaluation is based upon site geology, building construction, attenuation of ground shaking, probability of occurrence and the magnitude of the anticipated seismic event.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Study Reports

Eckland’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Study Report is based on a walk-through survey of the property, including observations and measurements of applicable physical elements, and includes an evaluation of the facility’s compliance with the accessibility guidelines of Title III of the ADA. The Report consists primarily of an ADA Barriers Checklist that includes a list of requirements for physical elements of the site and building, our opinion as to the compliance status of the listed elements, notes regarding conditions, comments and recommendations pertaining to elements considered to be barriers to accessibility, and estimated probable costs to eliminate identified barriers to accessibility.